flawnt’s journal

Poor old Flawnt Finnegan,
He grew whiskers on his chinnigan.
Shaved them off and they grew in ag’in,
And that’s the end of poor Flawnt Finnegan


july 2010:

enuff already. handing over all writerly affairs to marcus speh, my maker, who shall henceforth be known by the name ‘flawntslayer’  | two posthumous publications: 
in like birds lit and narcolepsy in antique children

june 2010:

interview with my creator & murderer in voices | really lovely review in kill author blog by amber sparks | interview “the end of flawnt” with bess winter in jmww | 16 june: very special bloomsday tribute on metazen blog: made me weep electric tears | 15 june 2010: flawnt’s last story published – then off to listen to french slam poetry | meg pokrass ordered a richard burton blow up doll to replace flawnt in her life | found a short necrology pour flawnt on the blue print review blog | flawnt is twitching: he doesn’t want to die. keeps providing me with links to prove his notoriety such as fictionaut blog references> kill author, world’s most stylish online mag with a heart for the dying writer, publishes “Rites of Spring” avec podcast next to a picture of flannery o’connor immersed in a field of dandelionsmaking me feel like a success | “Morning Tea” is a flash at Six Sentences.

may 2010:

a year of flash: fine idea and implementation – michelle elvy’s 52|250 publishes “20:46 hrs – Chongqing, China” | decided to abandon the character finnegan flawnt and all his electronic networking efforts of the past 18 months in order to get more time to write another novel – effective 16 June, Bloomsday | foundling review publishes the original “serious writer” story, “off the record”smash cake magazine editor tracy lucas said nice things about my podcasts | oh merry may! three new pieces out at dorothee lang’s mind blowing blue print review, accompanied byCB’s art | my first metaview: interview with michelle elvy published on the freshly minted metazen blog | sam rasnake editor of blue fifth review is a wonderful poet with a good ear

april 2010:

ann bogle, michelle elvy and marcelle heath – smart, stylish & sharp writers whose blogs kindly feature flash by flawnt | “absurd mice. a campus novel.appears in sssue 2 “stereotypes” of hobo pancakes (with podcastwortblitze: flawnt’s flash goes german – also on twitter | guest writer with “the funeral” in nicole hirschi‘s dark bat cave, the wordvamp | the first barbaric yAWP film festival on facebook features my extremely clumsy videofied podcast the vessel> kill author – a mysterious undercover lit op – accepts my collection “rites of spring” for their seventh issue – i’m over the moon! will record a reading | begin posting at metazen blog again – but now as an editor! | very exciting! meg pokrass interviews me for fictionaut blog | i don’t really know how it happened but i’m now an editor at metazen with an inauguration story “a touch of evil” | reviews of a story by beate sigriddaughter and a poem by molly bond on frustrated fictionthe serious writer and her bush” published in elimae | “flatulence– the truth about suits – submitted to the fictionaut april fool’s challenge with recitation.

march 2010:

wrote don’t rub me out nowfor a poet friend, jim holley, whose anonymous death far away affected me deeply | taciturnpublished by divine dirt quarterly 2.1 amidst other great stories of the sacred  | the delicious rejection digest publishes “they fight at night” with appropriately dark artwork | metazen publishes “at a welsh wedding on frank hinton‘s wedding day | “at a welsh wedding, written for mon cher frank hinton, is my contribution to the paddy day challenge at fictionaut  | dan tricarico publishes “regret” in LITSNACK | stylish blueprintreview accepts a 3-flash triptych including art by an artist friend of mine | on fnaut blognicolle elizabeth checks in with metazen: editor frank hinton calls me a “spectral force” – as close as any german can ever hope to come to goethe | first piece accepted by elimae: the serious writer and her bush | feeling burnt out. need to take a break from the net for one or two weeks | i’m thinking about a submission for dorothee lang’s marvelous blue print review (hailing from germany) from my 24 hr flash cycle | Waiting for pieces to be published at mad hatter’s review, wrong tree review, divine dirt quarterly, litsnack, and foundling review. can i take a break now, please? | i started the paddy day challenge over at fictionaut and i’m going to submit an old irish piece of mine for it | i wrote a piece “at a welsh wedding” for frank hinton’s wedding but it (the piece, not the wedding) is still riddled with inconsistencies. welsh! | i really enjoyed getting to know Carol Novack better, who calls me her “fictionaut starlet”. she’s not joking either. she invited me to Zoetrope and I have an office there now. By the way, mhr has got a contest. | a very nice michael j solender had me over at notfromhereareyou as a special guest writer with “india times” | wondered if i should stop this journaling experiment (read my facebook pages) and simply enter the published pieces and mags. assez pour l’instant (i’d also like to spend more time on learning french).

february 2010: grapple, a piece from my new story made up of 24 flash pieces playing in all the different time zones of the Earth, marches through to the top of the fictionaut recommended stories list, accompanied by my reading. A welcome confirmation for the whole story that i’m now working to complete! | foundling review accepts my piece “off the record”. |  three autobiographical pieces named ‘rock’, ‘paper’ and ‘scissors’, accepted by the mad hatter’s review: mad! | Other pieces don’t make it through but are hardened by surviving the enemy fire. | the great valentine’s day massacre at fictionaut, to which a dozen writers responded, called to arms by susan tepper, ended in, rumor has it, in a collective chapbook including, we hope, my contribution, rose petals.

january 2010: why i write published in fourpaperletters edited by laura isaacson | My sentimental piece the serious writer and his hamster gathers eulogical recommendations over at fictionaut. | somehow, this seems important and cool: all of my podcasts are now available via iTunes (for free download). | podcast of “obituary of a poet heretic” in honor of my dad’s birthday, was featured by BULLblog and is highly recommended at fictionaut | “the serious writer and his penis” gathers recommendations, spawns other stories and is published at metazen | my dry review of nora nadjarian‘s wonderful poem “mother tongue” appears in the fictionaut blog | “potato mash” reprinted as ‘best of metazen‘ story complete with review and podcast.

december 2009: Four Fundamentalist Teenagers in Front of a Metropolitan Railway Car wins the Metazen Image-to-Text-Conversion contest by an eyelash amidst great competition | Exciting: Susan Gibb, hyperfictionalista extraordinaire, converts Listen to a hyperfiction story! | Obscure yet elevating: The Vessel made the “recommended stories” list at Fictionaut – first time since i joined in October | Heart-warming: new story Hitler’s Angel (A Christmas Carol) appears in the Metazen Christmas book surrounded by great pieces of wonderful people | Pneumatically riveting: Four of my stories (“Off the Record“, “Regret” , “The Vessel” and “Asthmatic“) made the “Recommended Stories” list over at Fictionaut, my  favourite literary hang out.

july – november 2009: tickled pink, Potato Mash,  My Hood published by Metazen, an online metafiction journal edited by Frank Hinton, Jessica Alchesse and Dylan Cohen |  Agencypiece and Teenage Want published by fourpaperletters, edited by Laura Isaacman | A version of My Father My Milk, now called Obituary to a Poet Heretic, published by Bull, edited by Jarrett Haley, and accompanied by an interview at the BULLshot.

january – june 2009: I am born on 22 January to German parents. I learn to write before I can talk, using my father’s pen filled with my mother’s milk.

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