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At a Welsh Wedding

March 17, 2010


“I give traditional Soviet toaster”, Woshinsky said to the bride, handing her a grey metal box covered with large, red Cyrillic letters and the picture of a happy socialist couple touching a silvery toaster.

Rose Petals

February 14, 2010


A supermodel, carrying a large Valentine's box, fell from her considerable, prized height on the ice in front of the grocer's and stayed down, her long, shapely legs distorted somehow.

The Lovesick Taxidermist

February 2, 2010


I was like a taxidermist, trying to give the appearance of life to something that was dead inside me. The truth is, of course, I was only scared. But working so hard to describe the unfathomable made me stronger, too.

The Serious Writer And His Hamster

December 29, 2009


The serious writer has a hamster. The hamster is dying. She drags her hindlegs and pees herself. The spirit of life is still strong in her: she climbs up the cage as she used to, then falls over to one side. Her left eye is half closed. She might have had a stroke.

Hitler’s Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

December 25, 2009


Children aren't so good when they're bad: when they torture their little brother for example or when they grate on my last nerve, the one I really needed to make it through this day with the slush on the road and everyone driving as if they'd contracted mad cow disease.

teenage want

July 27, 2009


Being your slave what should I do but tend Upon the hours, and times of your desire? Shakespeare i do not i do not want i do i do want i do not want to want. i plead instead, i sulk, i defend i talk to my selves at night before the moon before the […]

whispered death

July 11, 2009


the funeral party hurried up the hill following the fat priest with designer glasses. the wind was blowing in their faces so that they had to squint. the light had the subtle quality of a foggy argument among friends. up on the hill by the grave stood the muse of the dead man they had […]