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Writer’s love on bloomsday, 16.06.2010: Enjoy this very special tribute on my last day by some very special friends, published on Metazen blog: Frank Hinton, Katrina Gray, Drew Parker, Sheldon Lee Compton, Heather Vaulkhard, Michelle Elvy, Cyn Kuhn, Susan Gibb, Sam Rasnake, Martha Williams and Hzar Worth.

@Sheldon Lee Compton on the occasion of flawnt’s departure:

[Flawnt’s] work was as whole as fresh bread, honeysuckle stems pulled slowly and lip-stripped. The place is ordinary now, a rusted wall of careless fence where nothing grows. It is a dream of bloom, soil-starved and emptied down a slope of cracked pavement.

{Sheldon’s own writing is here.}

@Katrina_Gray after hearing about flawnt’s demise:

Flawntless is a new word, which now means something south of desperate and speechless. Standing in the rain with a heart full of flowers.

{Katrina’s own writing and readings are here.}

@Tracy Lucas

While you’re shopping for free stuff, listen to Finnegan Flawnt’s podcasts as I’ve been doing for the past few days. I’ll bet you can’t stop. Like audio potato chips, these.

{Tracy edits Smash Cake Magazine and blogs here, too.}

@Frank Hinton

The Serious Writer and His Penis” is a story by Finnegan Flawnt. First off, without Flawnt there would be no Metazen. He is the spectral force that ignites the entire site. Really. I don’t know why. This is a story about penis perception. I think it’s something all men worry and wonder about. But it is also something else. It’s a meditation on the nature of human reception. I think it’s saying we can only take what we believe and that’s how we form our ideas.

{From an interview on Fictionaut Blog. Frank’s own writing is here.}

Stephanie Bobo

[Agencypiece is a] Great ride–loopy, dark, smooth. The Agency: it gets so many of us in the end.

{Stephanie’s own writing is here.}


I like tickled pink. I like newsflakes, Faraday cages and humanity. I love Cuba. For me, this is like my great-grandmother’s tapestry; densely woven, each colour a memory.”

{Martha’s own writing is here.}


“[Gyoza Express] made me dizzy in a good way, like going really slowly down Lombard St. in San Francisco.”

{Jane’s own writing is here.}

@Carol Novack

“FF is a fictionaut starlet. He will be in the next issue of my journal mad hatters’ review.  […]  he has a unique perspective and writes well.”

{Carol’s own writing is here.}


“[The Last Story] is rich with philosophy and just great writing. Quite powerful, even more so if it serves as a tribute to Salinger or spurred by his death.”

{Christian’s own writing is here.}


” [The Last Story] is brilliant, funny, a tour-de-force. I love the serious writer, and if he were here, I would pinch his cheeks!”

{Marcelle’s own writing is here.}

Miles Tepper

“[The Last Story is] a beautifully constructed fictional account of the myriad of questions we all face, whether we write or not. And so compact a view of such expansive elements”

{Miles’ own writing is here.}


“Paragraph TWO [of The Last Story] is one of the most powerful I have read in AGES!!!!! I so love the layered innards of intellect cooked within this tasty morsel…I nearly wept at the third to last paragraph and the paradox peppering the piece.”

{Johnsie’s writing is here.}


[On The Last Story] “Finnegan Flawnt […]  is one odd duck, but damn, he can write.”

{Here is Ron’s own writing on posterous}

James Robison

[On Four Fundamentalist Teenagers In Front Of A Metropolitan Railway Car] “Without seeing the image, I’m getting great, maybe better stuff, like Godard a little and a funny Rodney Dangerfield line and color. Laminated cool anyhow.”

{James Robison’s own writing is here.}

@John Minichillo

[On Obituary for a Poet Heretic] “What a great great great first line.”

{John’s writing is here.}

@Sheldon Lee Compton

[The Serious Writer and His Penis is] a fine piece, Finn. Fun to read and honest fiction, the hardest of all diamonds to cut, I think.

{Sheldon’s own writing is here and the mag he edits is here.}


“To have such a wonderful audience as you describe [in “Why I Write“] ! What writer could want more?”

{Kim’s own writing is here.}

@Gary Percesepe

“[The Serious Writer and His Penis“]  is seriously funny, and a great read.”

{Gary’s own writing is here and the mag he edits is here.}


[On Why I Write“:] And I for one will always try to catch that mighty Biro before the world ends.

{Ian’s own writing is here.}

Dan Tricarico

There is something very Ginsberg-ian about [“Why I Write“], which is a compliment.

{Dan’s own writing is here and  the mag he edits is here.}

Randy Lowens

“[A Good Day For] Small Crashes is a fucking scream. I read it to my daughter and we both howled.”

{Randy’s own  writing is here.}

Darryl Price

[On Hitler’s Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol) is] funny and angular. It kept stopping me in places to make me think, and then took me to new places to make me feel.

{Darryl’s own writing is here.}

Carol Reid

Again, I’m impressed by your ability to value and respect your own experience and how your are so quickly able to transform it into an experience shared with a reader. ‘She knows nothing of the embarrassment of her wobbly walk.’ You got me there.

{Carol’s writing is here.}


[Asthmatic] surprises at every turn and succeeds in being a story in only a few hundred words.

{Ann’s writing is here.}


[Asthmatic is a] very lovely story. I liked the precision in details and thoughts.

{Lisa’s writing and cartoons are here.]


Oh, Finnegan….I let you read [Off the Record] to me via YouTube, and your voice suits the mood of this piece so well. You should seriously read books on tape for a living. This piece is breathtaking, and I identify with so much of it. So many good lines. I love: “…I was not going to be jailed between a marriage license and a mortgage.”

{Katrina’s own writing and readings are here.}


[Listen] is wonderful and so moving. Your vocal expression teamed with the flawless story create a hypnotic experience.

{Meg Pokrass’ blog is here and her readings are here.}


[Regret] is a marvel of piece, Finnegan. Put me in mind of Basho in his Narrow Road to the Interior. Especially am drawn to ‘come to a hut, knock at the door and, upon seeing eye to unseeing eye with my destiny’. Wonderful work.

{Sam’s own writing is here.}


[Listen] is quite stunning. Not having researched autism, I can’t say if this is realistic, but it certainly feels convincing. Wonderful characterization, excellent storytelling. Something about the tone reminds me of a Wim Wender movie. Really enjoyed this.

{Cynthia Reeser’s own art and writing are here and here.}


[The Law of the Jungle is] “H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.  thanks for that one!

{Dorothee’s own writing is here.}


[The Serious Writer and Her Bush] evokes a feeling of mono no aware, and speaks to the writer’s work as organic with ties to the self and to the world

{Morgan Harlow’s own writing is here , more information here.}


‘I can count grains with my tongue. Listen to that.’ What a perfect ending. I think it bookends perfectly with your opening (first person) line. ‘My tongue feels funny against the sky.’

{Arlene Tribbia’s own art and writing are here.}


Loved Dreamcatchers. Made me all wistful. That almost never happens …

{Carolyn Thériault’s own writing is here and here.}

Susan Gibb

I loved The Serious writer and his social life. It’s just neat because it rambles yet it’s tight. It’s a metaphor in itself for the creative process.

{Susan Gibb’s own writing is here.}

BULLblog (Jarrett Haley)

As far as eulogies are concerned, [Obituary for a Poet Heretic] is the only one I’ve known that features the full monty. And the full monty of one’s own father, at that.

{BULL: Fiction for Thinking Men.}


[ Obituary for a Poet Heretic] was a fantastic, affecting, and sharp story. It had a precision to its crafting, and it had this blunt but haunting quality that was apparent just a few sentences in.


I was completely hooked by [Five Women]. Your narrative style is pure and unsullied. Such richness of text; and I mean that.”

{DianaWyatt’s own writing is here.}


Flawnt – deconstructed collection of dark, lyrical, hypnotic short stories and flash fiction.

{onlinefiction’s own writing is here.}


“Finnegan @Flawnt is a talented writer. weird, but (and?) talented.”

{Ron’s own writing is here.}


I am in awe…because of this great work and your talented ability with the literary lasso, I hearby grant you the title of (little – only because I am taller than you) Lord Flawnt-leroy of Milk Wood! Encourager of the creative, defender of the blocked!

{Andrea Pring’s own writing is here and here.}


[Narcolepsy is] brilliant as usual. I don’t know how u crank out these little…candies, almost. Little packages of narrative, neatly wrapped.

{docpanama’s own writing is here.}


Thank you. I’m enjoying reading your pieces. You have a unique style, kind of cerebral and intoxicated at the same time.

{Karen Swartz Akins’ own writing is here.}


As always, we appreciate you so much. you have the best twitter bio by far dear friend. Love it.

{TheSugarDames’ own music & writing is here.}


the story [tickled pink, first published at metazen] is wonderful. awkward and introverted and ‘the sun melted my resolve to remain a grump’ wondrous. Views of the story are HIGH 🙂

{Frank Hinton’s own writing is here.}


There is something to be said about the depth of his writing, not just of its intelligent word play but the inducement it insists upon my norms…’I have to release them’ and before I know it, his hand is in mine and my world is now his…..I can offer no resistance….nor do I want to …

{Shireen’s own writing is here.}


You have a fantastic way with words, inspiring abstraction in the ok-now-get-off-my-ass & get to work way…

{Holsterical’s own art & writing is here.}


I found you blog to be a refreshing change from the normal newsy journalistic crap which I crank out, I do not make recommendations lightly in fact you are only the second person I have felt compelled to.

{BuddingGenius’ own writing is here.}

Susan Gibb

I love [Dreamcatchers], the simplicity of it yet the fact that’s it’s stuffed with information about three people interacting in the moment. They are feeding off each other, innocently and wonderfully well.

{Susan Gibb’s own writing is here.}

@bobspear :

You have an amazing talent for free flowing free form. You have a scary mind to follow all those branches and make it all make sense.

{Bob Spear’s own writing is here.}


You’re a genius or a psychopath or both.

{Cody’s own writing is here.}


You will follow @flawnt metaphysically, moment to moment. He goes best with tea. He is the sound of the drain after god takes a shower.

{Frank Hinton’s own writing is here.}


FYI @flawnt is a type of German bicycle. Much like a hobby horse with five wheels, but it does not resemble a horse at all. Also, writes. gud

{ginsoakedboy’s own writing is here.}


[Flawnt is] full of surprises.

{krayfish’s own writing is here.}


Sweden loves u man! 😉

{Nahimi’s own writing is here.}


[Tickled pink is] good stuff. how can someone so, well, UGLY write so, well, BEAUTIFULLY? 😉

{Ron’s own writing is here.}

@filmnoirgirl flawnt

He can hear the dew falling, and the hushed town breathing.

{Jennifer’s own writing is here.}


[snow white is a] nice tribute. I believe that the love of gazillions of people can certainly have an impact on this Universe. Apparently we have to wait till 2059 to see some tangible results.

{Klaus’ own writing is here.}


He’s a cult of personality! He’s got more personality than most cults!

{nickolaswriter’s own writing is here.}


Youre recent writing gives me an image of u w a Brian Blessed type beard. V diff mental pic 2 b4. How funny that writing can do that.

{mummyofmany’s own writing is here.}


… As generous as you are genius – thank you for being you!

{Booger‘s own writing is here.}


‘their families chose not to press charges against the unknown.’ – What a beautiful, beautiful sentence. Kudos for you, my dear sir.

{Fabio’s own writing is here.}


your writing leaves me kind of speechless, flawnt. needless to say it makes it lil hard to comment on it cept to say it’s pretty brilliant and unlike anything else.


It is your unique ability as a narrator, that takes my breath away. [on: deliver yourself from your great toe]

{Heather blogs here.}


loved [when i grow up] very much. everyone should follow @flawnt if they havent already! there i said it, i am in love with his words.

{Cyn’s own writing and art are here.}


Big Lord Flawntleroy!!! […] Write on! […]  I enjoy your writing…leaves me scratching my head.


i like the mystery of your photo: a ghostwriter with a body; an empty glass with water; a strong wind that doesn’t shove around bags.

{Hazar Worth’s own writing is here.}


… with him you’re reading tomorrows classics. You are reading the mind of a man who is a genius of our times.

{DianaWyatt’s own writing is here.}

And here is Ms Flawnt’s answer to a facebook quiz on the question “What do you think of Finnegan Flawnt“:

I think knowing Finnegan Flawnt is like winning the super lottery. He makes me think of a sky full of stars in the desert where there are no lights to interfere. He’s like finding the perfect shade of nail polish right after you’ve been offered the only job you ever really wanted at a salary you never dreamed possible. He’s like a complimentary all you can eat buffet that has papaya, oysters, Russian caviar, lobster, crab, zabaglione, and mountains of dark chocolate. He’s like finding your favourite earring in a really strange place after you’d given up on it.

Many thanks to y’all and other tweeple for honouring me with your comments! I tried 2 contact U but if U object 2 being flawnted publicly on this page, gimme a holler & i’ll take U off the holy flawntwalk, not quite a mile long but a big thanks wide!

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