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10:46 hrs – Vatican City, Italy

June 12, 2010


The Holy Father receives his first cheque card as part of a campaign to modernise the Vatican. He insists on leaving his quarters in the early evening alone, under cover, to fetch money all by himself.

09:46 hrs – London, UK

June 9, 2010


London - Fetter Lane cobblestones upturned. Paper garbage. I pick it up, surprising myself. I'm on my way to work. My boss, Mr Cobsworth Mather can kiss my rosy ass.

08:46 hrs – Praia, Cape Verde

June 6, 2010


The fool packed a sand bar for lunch and a drinks of herb salt. But whence he went to play along the rainbow warrior, whom only he could see, who'd admire the mud cakes he'd baked?

07:46 Nuuk, Greenland

June 3, 2010


The people queued up to get their parcels or post them as they had always done. Nobody thought of bending the line into a coil so that the people could warm up.

06:46 hrs – La Plata, Argentina

May 31, 2010


When the winter holidays began, mother stood by the window in the living room for long periods of time, a hot cup of tea in hand, sipping it in long intervals.

05:46 St Johns, Newfoundland

May 26, 2010


He wore a very ugly tie today and enjoyed the attention and the disbelief that moved across Sedna's face like a moth.

04:46 hrs – Habana, Cuba

May 17, 2010


I look out the window of my hut at las putas, and I stroke my cock, and there's no ambiguity there. Ambiguity is the death of the revolution.