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Rites of Spring

June 14, 2010


He noticed a short, strong white hair from his beard on his tongue and decided not to take it out but see what would happen. A moment later, a tiny bear emerged from the cave of his mouth, grabbed the hair and pulled it on his lap to play with it.

Interview with a Mad Hatter

June 10, 2010


Meeting Carol Novack, the editor of Mad Hatter's Review, was almost as good as other good things (though not quite as good as yet other things).

08:46 hrs – Praia, Cape Verde

June 6, 2010


The fool packed a sand bar for lunch and a drinks of herb salt. But whence he went to play along the rainbow warrior, whom only he could see, who'd admire the mud cakes he'd baked?

Cannon Boy

May 29, 2010


i know what i’ll do on saturday: sleep and then some more. write a few hundred words. rip them up. eat some apple pie. throw on a fedora and feel like a diva.


April 1, 2010


He was supposed to place photographs of his family, if he had them, on the desk. He was not supposed to leave a pair of handcuffs or a butt plug, if he had them, laying around on that desk.

At a Welsh Wedding

March 17, 2010


“I give traditional Soviet toaster”, Woshinsky said to the bride, handing her a grey metal box covered with large, red Cyrillic letters and the picture of a happy socialist couple touching a silvery toaster.

00:46 hrs – Juneau, Alaska

March 12, 2010


He feels he's linked to the terrier somehow, if only because of his unerring sense of loyalty and his love for ships, because here, near the end of the world, ships mean life will go on.