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The serious writer and her bush

December 1, 2009


The serious writer looks back on a long and distinguished career as an herbologist. Her favourite bush grows in Central Park and is called Noah’s Ark by the residents because of the myriad of animals that it shelters.

Art space

November 28, 2009


Thornton thought the abandoned castle would make a wonderful gallery space. Its remoteness and romance differed royally from the artistic dankness of downtown and would attract the casual wanderer as well as hunters and boy scouts.

The Law of the Jungle

November 20, 2009


A feline predator came across a Gruiform and experienced that most fleeting of feelings, a moment of felicity between bird and mammal, ornithology and therology, beauty and beast.

four fundamentalist teenagers in front of a metropolitan railway car

November 19, 2009


That morning, four children appeared in front of the train, which was ready to depart and would carry them to an institution where they'd spend the day yawning while pondering how to begin their life in the most astonishing fashion.