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April 1, 2010


He was supposed to place photographs of his family, if he had them, on the desk. He was not supposed to leave a pair of handcuffs or a butt plug, if he had them, laying around on that desk.


November 24, 2009


It was getting bright and the people awoke in the village, while seven black women from Nigeria kissed six stubbly men and one woman good-night. The woman had more hair between her legs than any of the men had on their faces.


November 23, 2009


Maggie thought Nicholas could need some trimming around the beltline and that he was a nice man with potential to be a lot more than a nice man, a treasure hunter, a mysterious, hairy gollywoggle.

The foot

November 17, 2009


The man did not want to shirk his earthly responsibilities. He did not want to die. He merely wanted to take it more slowly, sit around and watch some of the sun and the world go by rather than run along and ahead of it, get up before dawn and to bed after dusk.


November 13, 2009


Why was it that public school teachers such as this goddess were not also instructed to instruct students, excellent students like him, hungry for knowledge of any sort, in taking the first steps towards becoming men, towards embracing their masculine selves?


November 12, 2009


Five minutes after taking her seats, Hestia was perspiring like never before and she thought she’d choke from the air which was heavy with smoke and the sweat and ire of two thousand people. She was uncomfortable and bored.

Love in a mist

November 6, 2009


That Austen had been sinister was the only rational conclusion that could be drawn from her novels: hadn’t she encouraged the females of her time to rebel against social injustice and relinquish a position that women had occupied for hundreds of years?