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March 7, 2009


consider josie and jamie two girls so harmless they could serve on your neighbourhood watch squad. but when parrysh zephrys asked them to move so that he could park his car more easily (they were queuing in front of the ice cream parlour ably named ‘gross palace’ a favourite teenage hangout) with the words: ladies, […]


January 24, 2009


johnson had found a way to store kinetic energy in its purest form. he didnt have a lot of money though, so he put the cube of energy in the trunk of his car and forgot about it when jamie’s truck collided with a cow on main street and he had to bring jamie to […]


January 22, 2009


i suffered from narcolepsy well into my thirties. it made it difficult for me to hold down any job even menial activities. once i worked in a burger stint, corner business, greasy hair and rats in the kitchen, half of the customers drunk at seven a.m. when the shop opened. i was always the first […]