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paddy sings the blues

June 22, 2009


paddy is my uncle. he’s lying on his deathbed wearing his favourite pink nappy. the cancer will get me, he said, but he can’t kill me. but, paddy, i said, if he gets you then you’ll die. i thought you were a writer, son, he said. so what? i said. so think beyond the grave, […]

it ain’t over till the fat lady sings

May 16, 2009


Gray shallow waters stay with us on summer mornings when Lucky Pierre (an out-of-control puppet built around the fleshly fantasies of novelist Robert Coover) and others shag themselves shackle-free to escape their living conditions. It’s all a bit kinky these days. And at the same time more prudish than ever before. Bare breasts wherever you […]


February 26, 2009


they sit in the kitchen dinner is long over but they feel hungry still. so they eat swedish crackers with butter and fennel salami from milano. they are tempted to smoke again, but don’t do it. the woman puts her legs on the table and crosses them below the knee. she wears pink and white […]

rant for two voices

February 15, 2009


VOICE ONE: It’s time to dream my dears, now more than ever, when all dreams are drying up like dirt patches in the desert. Don’t succumb to the naysayers and the gibbering giblets – see how the children grow up against gravity, how the sun rises every day, and feast on the ebb and flow […]