who was flawnt?

call me finnegan – i was (16 june 2009-16 june 2010) a fictitious prose-poet and purveyor of fine podcasts, who used social media for deep procrastination. i lived with 2 lovely females and a bad conscience under milk wood. once, i shared subterfuges, trivia and micromoments on  twitter, you could mail me, you could visit me on facebook or you could see me in person in Second Life (my name there was Flawnt Alchemi). all there is to know about me is in the stories and in interviews i gave to fictionaut (04/2010) and jmww (06/2010).

i chose a peculiar process to retract from the net in spring 2010: the decision was good and sound but the piecemeal tactics withdrawal was hard on me in several ways. all that vanity tied up with the net, but also all that friendship and good feeling. almost too much for the likes of me: i can be bribed too easily. i am such a glutton for short term gratification that my pen will never see longer prose if i don’t part. perhaps you understand, perhaps you don’t. the tribute on metazen made me weep electric tears.

mobile flawnt. flawnt’s flash on tumblr was once the perfect idea for your mobile needs. alas, now it’s a deserted mine field. my friend sheldon put it better than i could.

Flawnt at his cottage in Awen, Second life

Flawnt at his cottage in the Second Life Milk Wood Writing Community

made by flawnt. my stories have been published by various mags. I am a (now defunct) member of fictionaut where I published pieces, usually from this site, but mostly edited, cleaned up etc. – the blog you’re reading now has always been more of a notebook – I will still love your comments and your feedback! A complete list of publications is here.

media flawnt. i’ve enjoyed creating short flawntcasts – audio or podcasts with video stills – and a few readings for friends. you can subscribe to all podcasts, and you can even download some of them via iTunes.

meta flawnt. i have written for virtual writers, inc. and edited short fiction for metazen, an online metafiction journal of dubious existentialist philosophical leaning founded by frank hinton. other non-fiction includes interviews on the metazen blog and scattered reviews.

multicultural flawnt. i’m as multi-culti as they come. there’s flawnt in german, too. sometimes even read aloud, under the title ‘wortblitze‘) spreading my  word sauce thinly.

muddy flawnt. i’ve got nothing to do with the infamous “flawnt” shop in the UK – Sex Toys, Lingerie & Costumes online. Great gift ideas fun and discreet delivery” – though if i did i’d probably do well.

mysterious flawnt. not so much anymore. flawnt was a pseudonym of the german writer marcus speh who’s got nothing to flawnt, also on facebook and twitter.

Have a great day & please drop by again! Tschüss!

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