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Whale Song

June 14, 2010


the other day i met a truculently obsolete whale for tea.  he turned out to be a budding writer himself. he actually had written a few scholarly works, mostly on the blowhole, and one fat novel.

Le Flawnt meets La Pokrass

June 13, 2010


For this metaview, Metazen's parting editor Finnegan Flawnt met the Queen of Flash Meg Pokrass in the formal gardens of Metazen’s sanatorium for insane writers.


June 11, 2010


The journey is its own reward, folks. Be bad more of the time, be a dog when you're a dog and you'll have more fun being good again one shiny day. Let death have its dominion, one lousy moment at a time.

Interview with a Mad Hatter

June 10, 2010


Meeting Carol Novack, the editor of Mad Hatter's Review, was almost as good as other good things (though not quite as good as yet other things).

hey, julie,

June 8, 2010


from the unfinished list of unfinished, unedited sentences of the four metazen editors collected in earnest for later use | skype fuck skype | your hair | i like | we cannot, at this time

life savers

June 5, 2010


metazen editors working as a team to save body and soul of an author after rejection by another literary magazine. notice how seamlessly they collaborate to guarantee publication.

Halloween Hustler

June 2, 2010


Nobody's there to kick us out of paradise because there's no god. Eva's turned feminist and the serpent is in online marketing now.

Cannon Boy

May 29, 2010


i know what i’ll do on saturday: sleep and then some more. write a few hundred words. rip them up. eat some apple pie. throw on a fedora and feel like a diva.

The Fountain of Youth

May 12, 2010


we don’t talk much about another important effect of metazen the mag, especially for the aging writer: the magazine will keep you eternally young if you read every one of its installments. a fountain of youth.