The Law of the Jungle

Posted on November 20, 2009


Entry for a contest at Metazen – Image to Text Conversion Experiment.
Picture by Metazen – an online metafiction journal edited by Frank Hinton.

Law of the Jungle - the tigress, the crane and the grampus.A feline predator came across a Gruiform and experienced that most fleeting of feelings, a moment of felicity between bird and mammal, ornithology and therology, beauty and beast. Their encounter was akin to the merging of two human bodies, when the phallic serenely protrudes into the spongy, bringing pleasure to both creatures. An outsider such as the  majestic grampus, who fell out of the jungle sky in that very moment merely saw a tigress roaring at a crane very shortly before its massive marine body squished both lovers.

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