Whale Song

Posted on June 14, 2010


you know the strangest thing? the other day i met a truculently obsolete whale for tea.  he turned out to be a budding writer himself. he actually had written a few scholarly works, mostly on the blowhole, and one fat novel. about what, i asked. about the last gullible whale in the ocean, he said with a dystopian smile from gill to gill. you don’t even have gills, i said and told him that i didn’t believe in whale extinction. neither do i, he said, but ever since melville we whales have been projecting human morality onto our species like crazed fish. during our entire discussion, whaling ships were  circling us like vultures but the whale said not to worry, whalers were very open to negotiation. really, i said. yes, he said, that’s what i’ve heard. when we parted, he added something that i would like to quote in full:

i’ve very much enjoyed swimming with metazen, a literary submarine with a creative, international, irreverent crew lead by its builder the canadian frank hinton, friend and writer, who would never harm a whale.


(photo/caption reposted from metazen blog – “whale song”, 14 may 2010)

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