Posted on June 11, 2010


Here’s to the truth: we all need to be worse more often to be better off. Cut out all the crap about ‘permanent improvement’ of: production times, efficiency, knowledge, operations. Even writers are supposed to become more efficient as they age, gain degrees, and become thin tee-totallers as they watch the world go round and the sun up and down and up and down. Is Lean Writing right for Lala Orange? Whatever happened to the pleasures of stagnation? What about the Greek ideal of stasis? You want to get to Nirvana faster? – Order some bodhi via Amazon. Hurry through that last confession: bad conscience is an outmoded concept if only because it takes up so much time. Whatever happened to “moral fiction” rooted in deep, slow truths? What to the novel that took 20 years to complete only to be eaten by fire on the day of its completion. A friend of mine lost his 110,000 word tome in the tube one day and began another novel on the next. The journey is its own reward, folks. Be bad more of the time, be a dog when you’re a dog and you’ll have more fun being good again one shiny day. Let death have its dominion, one lousy moment at a time. … I’m just saying, as always: I’m not making this stuff up, it was on a fortune cookie that fell out of my wallet this morning.

(photo and caption reblogged from Metazen Blog)