life savers

Posted on June 5, 2010


It is wonderful to be in a group, feel part of something bigger, know that there are others wanting the same thing, striving, working hard. It’s warm it’s fuzzy cuddly comfort. But writing is not that, it’s solitude and solipsism, it’s feeling like the planet Jupiter knowing that from outside you look like a speck and will for some time. Writing is continuous chatter not on facebook or twitter, it’s continuous chatter inside your own thick, thoughtful head. But even the hermit is part of a group of hermits, outcasts and eccentrics defined by their being borderline and beyond. There may not be any escaping from group in the end – even if it’s the group of failed writers. (Though as long as you’re writing you will not be a failed writer. Doing what you love constitutes success, not failure.)

(Taken from the missing metazen photo journal titled “people that time forgot”) Metazen editors working as a team to save body and soul of an author after rejection by another literary magazine. Notice how seamlessly they collaborate to guarantee publication of the finest storytelling and poetry. Later at camp, they will feed the writer warm drinks and good food, patch him up and send him back into the battle of wills and writing wonders where no man’s an island entire of itself.

(photo/caption reposted from metazen blog)