07:46 Nuuk, Greenland

Posted on June 3, 2010


– The people queued up to get their parcels or post them as they had always done. Nobody thought of bending the line into a coil so that the people on the street, who stood in icy air, could warm up, too. When the grumpy writer in a lamb fur jacket reaching down to his knees with Nike Air boots that somehow seemed too young for him and with a grey hat that was adorned with a white snowflake, had the thought of fixing the imbalance between the people outside and inside, the line had moved so that he couldn’t do anything about it anymore and in any case there never was agreement among the queuers. To get over his anger at his countrymen he only had to think about them once the ice would have melted and how most of the island would then be under water.

(Excerpt from ‘Faces’ – all of the Earth’s 24 time zones on Christmas Eve.
Art: Carlye Birkenkrahe.