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Posted on June 26, 2009


From The New York Times, June 26, 2059.

“On this day 50 years ago, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, suffered a serious heart failure in his Los Angeles home. After an immediate successful resuscitation by attending paramedics, the body of the singer & performer who had moved the entire world, was transferred to his estate Neverland Ranch and encase there in a hyperbaric crystal glass chamber, dressed in his red-black jacket created for Thriller.

Jackson, who is attached to an artificial life-support system specifically designed for him, is still alive & well but in a deep coma. A group of reporters could convince themselves earlier in the week that he looks exactly like he looked on the day of his collapse half a century ago.

Medical authorities who received a full briefing cannot not explain this fact. Professor Heath Bubbles, an expert on cryomedicine from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., said that there was a chance that the continued love of hundreds of millions of music lovers around the globe might have had the effect of preserving Jackson’s health against all odds. He speculated:

Why should the world not have been able to keep Michael Jackson both alive and blooming as a result of the joy he spread with his music? I don’t think our technology has as much to do with it as Jackson’s soul.

Prof Bubbles added that Federal authorities were currently devising a series of experiments with comatose patients who were much-loved members of their families and their community to see if the Michael-Jackson -effect might extend these people’s lives and the state they’re in.

Whatever the scientific cause for the miraculous preservation of Michael Jackson, the singer’s family – led by his surviving sister, 92-year old Janet Jackson, who still performed only five years ago to wide acclaim in a duet with Madonna (at age 100 only a fortnight younger than Michael Jackson) on London’s Wembley stadium stage, both scantily clad – will celebrate his centennial birthday at Neverland Valley Ranch, Santa Barbara, on August 29th this year, and the world is likely to attend to honour the man and his music.”

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