a dark secret

Posted on May 24, 2009


after the meal when they sat the three of them tiny people & they emptied their pockets to see what they had brought back from the beach:

geenie had a shell that looked like a dinosaur eating his own tail, she said.

tommy had a stone which contained a dark secret, he said.

lara had a hole in her pocket. i need you to share with me, she said.

you should’ve checked your pants before we went, geenie said. she sounded sensible.

shouldawouldacoulda, tommy said. they laughed. this is how their parents talked.

“geeeeeeenie, keep yourself upright. do princesses walk like that?”

“tommy, now, get yourself together young lord”

“come here, lara, and show me your teeth. did you really brush, little lady?”

in their family, they were: lord tommy, lady lara, princess geenie. but they had no bloo blood to speak of. only their parents called them that. to everyone else they were just kids. on the beach, they ran around naked and being called noble names was even funnier then.

daddy and mummy were rubbing, lara observed.

i saw it too, tommy said.

perhaps this was the dark secret he harbored that went into the stone he’d found: that their parents shared something soft, squidgy & sinful (tommy had only heard that last word but didn’t know its meaning, really, and a good thing it was).

but perhaps they really were noble and a castle was waiting for them somewhere complete with servants & horses & stables & large lush gardens with fountains & a unicorn with a uniform in waiting to carry them anywhere they wanted. lara had dreamed something of this sort once, and so had tommy (but with boys) and geenie had been abducted by princes with very large feet on white horses with pig ears. dreams! they giggled.

you’re just distractin’, said lara. you don’t want to share. my own sister and brother! she put a hand over her forehead and looked pained. she seemed frozen in that gesture. this was a hint.

uncle lancaster! cried tommy. indeed it was. lara returned to her happier self. now it was tommy’s turn since he had guessed right. but tommy didn’t want to play.

i wanna go back to the beach, he intimated.

you are so attivitial, said geenie. she was the oldest, and her dad read a book with “artificial intelligence” on the title.

what’s that supposed to mean, asked tommy.

that means you’re a liar liar pants on fire, said geenie and showed him his tongue.

tommy was on top of her faster than you could say ‘twisted sister’. he beat her with his hard, little, skinny fists. geenie screamed. lara began to cry and ran into the house.

then the curtain fell just as things were beginning to get really interesting.

© 2009 finnegan flawnt – planning a serialised novel in the fashion of ol’ charly dickens. do you want to read more about the adventures of the three robo kids? raise your voice if you do so i can hear you.