Sister’s blisters

Posted on May 2, 2009


Indifference towards your career might lead to a stellar performance. Take Netherfield – not the place of our dreams, but that’s where we were in that year. Thus our journey began, and we were looking forward to it. Hope does float on top of despair like milk foam on cappuccino, and when it ripens in your mouth, the foam becomes bubbles and you don’t think much about it anymore, do you?

Now about something else.

– To the hills, to the hills, cried the captain, before he was shot down. But great deeds often do not announce themselves loudly. ‘Important’ is one of those words followed by crap more often than not. Is or is not or is or is not or is or is not or is, she thought. Her man was talking but he wasn’t talking to her, he was talking around her like a buzzfly. What am i doing here? I had his kid.

There’s more.

Known hazardous substances include lead and frogleg and dust. Full is the moon when the belly is empty. Now is the time to come up with countermeasures. Cousin Anna was looking for her face in the morning. He replied in vain.

I think we need to talk.

– Might or might not be, said the Sphinx and closed her sphincter. Gay is the day and the mood is merry.

– Have her love or have it not, said the parrot to the lily pad.

You’re not her dad.

Infinitely happy or endlessly glorious shall be our battles. Grow without thinking of growing and you shall be rewarded.

You don’t know when it’ll be over.

My bunny, she is over the ocean, and that’s where she may stay, too. And in Ireland the Irish live and sing and drink and dance dandily:

Seven dwarves followed Snow White
Seven dwarves, through the hills
Far from home, poor dwarves
Lucky was Snow White she found them.

Cried for momma, cried for poppa, and cried for himself. And so it ended. Decidedly personal, not undecidely formal.

© 2009 finnegan flawnt using chance operations and a wonderfully free will.