rant for two voices

Posted on February 15, 2009


VOICE ONE: It’s time to dream my dears, now more than ever, when all dreams are drying up like dirt patches in the desert. Don’t succumb to the naysayers and the gibbering giblets – see how the children grow up against gravity, how the sun rises every day, and feast on the ebb and flow of evolution. Let it rain dairy, let rivers of gold flow under rainbow bridges, and fly up, up, up in the blue, blue, blue sky until your sternum meets the stars!

VOICE TWO: Stop dreaming you driveling idiots. You need to see reality as it is, a white blanket draped over a hideous creature that nobody likes to unveil. listen to your father – he who worked in the factory line from early morning till night, only to come home to a house full of screaming kids and a grumpy woman. look at your mother – once she was looking for the love’s lusty labor and now all that’s left of her is an ashtray by the kitchen sink, filled with fags to the rim. Oh boy – the last thing you wanna do is dream!

VOICE ONE: Let up on these people, nobody gets anywhere without having gone there already in their mind! Let them loose, the bitter father and the resentful mother. Smoking kills – but not the soul! Wash up the dishes and get to work on shaping, not shirking.

VOICE TWO: In their right mind, please, not in some topsy-turvy, willy-nilly state of delusion. We need food and water. Schools and bridges. Housing and Internet. Democracy and Daycare.

VOICE ONE: We do indeed. Clearer water, better food. Schools where we learn and not linger. Bridges built to last. Affordable housing. More than touch-screens. A democratic underground to keep the debate alive. Daily love. The stuff of dreams, so dream on…

VOICE THREE: oh, stop bickering, you bitches.

© 2009 finnegan flawnt